A Critical Assessment on the Reproductive Health Bill

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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A Critical Assessment on the Reproductive Health Bill

1.What do you think is the reason why the RH bill became controversial? The RH bill became controversial because of the contradicting opinions of different sectors, people and the government and including the church. Some said that it is good for our country because it can decrease the continuous growth of population of our country or likewise to lessen the number of people who experience poverty in our country. But as I said some people do not agree with this bill especially the church people, the CBCP in particular, they said that using contraceptives are just like killing babies or preventing life or simply anti-life and that against the law in our church. So, we have this “Pro-RH bill” and the “Anti-RH bill” groups.

2.How did Rep. Edcel Lagman explain the benefits of RH bill to the Filipino people? Rep. Edcel Lagman enumerated the benefits we and our country can get from this reproductive health bill. He explains that this bill can be the solution to the problem of the continuous enlarging of the size of the population in our country. He further explains that reproductive health bill is not an anti-life bill, it’s just a pro-quality life. That will ensure the children will be the blessings for their parents since their births are planned and wanted.

3.Do you agree with Lagman’s statement that the bill will not promote “contraceptive mentality” despite the fact that it promotes family planning? Why? Yes I agree with Lagman’s statement that this bill won’t promote “contraceptive mentality despite the fact that it promotes family planning. Aside from the fact that I’m a pro-RH bill, I also agreed that RH bill is not a law which stops pregnancies, it just stops the unwanted pregnancies of some parents. That this bill does not prohibit pregnancy. This bill only says that it depends on the family who will do the family planning and it is not a means of abortion or like killing the babies inside...
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