Report Writing of Investigatory Project

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An investigatory science project ends with a report. This report also known as technical paper, includes the following patterns:

This is the list of people who advise the student in undertaking the investigatory project.

The title should be able to catch the attention of the reader. It should be concise, descriptive and self-explanatory. It should indicate clearly what the project is about. The phrase “A Study to Show” should be avoided, because in research you do not seek to prove something but rather to impartially find an answer.

This is a short paragraph of not more than 200 to 290 words which give the essential or principal features of the project or study. This should be descriptive or informative enough to present a comprehensive picture of the study.

This section includes the following:

1. Background of the study
This presents the reason that led the investigator to launch the study. A historical background may be given. Or the background of the study may state some observations and other relevant conditions that prompted the investigator to explore the problem.

Some questions to guide you while writing this part of the paper are the following: -Why did I select this research project?
-Are there others who have done similar studies?
-What have others done or not done that move or spurred me to work on this project? -What are my own observations which are relevant to the study? -Will the results of the study make any contribution in the attainment of a better quality of life?

2. Statement of the Problem and Objectives
This must state what you aimed to accomplish. Whether the problem is stated in the form of question or declarative statement, always use brief, precise and accurate statements. The objective should be stated positively and in the declarative form.

Define the general objective or main problem and the specific...
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