Report on E-Commerce Security

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  • Published: January 8, 2012
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2. Features of E-commerce: 4
2.1. Security role in present E-commerce: 4
2.2. Security Factors in E-commerce: 5
3. Security Technologies: 7
3.1. Secure Electronic Transaction (SET): 7
3.2. Secure Socket Layer (SSL): 8
3.3. Firewall: 8
4. Conclusion: 9
5. References: 11


In the E-commerce security is most important point because a website is to protect the valuable information. It plays a vital role to provide security to the customer information. It mainly deals when the customer doing the online transactions. By this security support the customer has trusted on the E-commerce website as well as they protects their personal information from the thief’s and hackers. This day security has been implemented in a different way like Secure Sockets Layer, Integrity, Authentication, Encryption and Secure Payment. Integrity ensures of the remainders of data as is of the seller to the customer. Encryption deals with hide the information cannot spy on the others information.

This report describes the security technologies in the E-commerce system and issues involving the E-commerce security technologies.


E- Commerce is also known as online commerce. E-commerce refers to exchange the goods and services over the internet. It includes retail shopping, banking, stocks and bonds trading, auctions, real estate transactions, air line booking, movie rentals nearly anything you can imagine in the real world. Even personal services such as hair and nail salons can benefit from e-commerce by providing a website for the sale of related health and beauty products, normally available to local customers exclusively. The main aim of this report conveying the security technologies of E-commerce website Security is the authorized conception in E-commerce website the main notion of security is protecting the customer personal details and banking information. Its mostly involve with four basic...
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