Report on Making of Stapler

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A stapler is a mechanical device that joins sheets of paper or similar material by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding the ends. The Stapler is now a day very useful thing in offices, industries and also use in business establishment. These establishment are increasing every year in numbers, stapler is such a thing which is helpful to everybody form School or Colleges Students to a officers at any time . Stapler is used for stapling a paper. Stapler is made from different materials.

Back Ground
There are virtually as many types of staplers as there are uses for them. Staplers are produced for use in: the manufacture of furniture; medical fields; carpet tacking; electrical wire and insulation installation; picture frame manufacture and, of course, in the home or office. The size of staplers ranges as well—from a mini stapler (as small a finger) to one requiring two hands to use. And while there is no specific standard size of staple, the basic household (office) type—with a wire size of. 017 of an inch in diameter—are generally accepted as typical. The average multi-use stapler operates with wire sizes averaging. 0.50 of an inch in diameter. Staplers used in the construction industry utilize what resemble nails that come in preloaded magazines (packets)—similar to firearm ammunition and probably almost as deadly at short range. Even with the potential of dozens of uses, staplers are most frequently used in binding multi-page documents and other such related office tasks. They are extremely inexpensive: a "typical" home or office stapler costs less than $10.00

A to Z about stapler
Main components of a typical home or office stapler include the… Base : the anvil is the metal plate over which you put the document that you want to staple. The Magazine : the metal head, which covers the magazine. and magazine is the part which holds the staples. The hanger: which is welded to the base and holds the pin that connects the magazine and base Rivets: are used to keep the parts together; a rivet is designed to hold parts in place just like a screw and nut, except that the rivet is one piece and cannot be easily disassembled Pin is the hinge point for the top and bottoms half.

Springs: in a stapler typically perform two separate jobs: they keep the row of staples lined up in the track and ready to be used, and they return the plunger blade to its original up position. (The plunger blade acts as a guillotine, in that it separates one single staple from the row of staples each time it is forced down.)

Market Survey

There are number of companies which are manufacturing a stapler and establish their product in market. Similar type of product we are going to produce. The most familiar companies are as following ….
Site Selection

The main aspect before starting the business is the site selection for the foundation of factory.

* After the decision made to start a factory proper selection of place is to be made from where all the aspect such technical, commercial and financial satisfied. * From the above point of view we would to select Dandenong (rent for 5 years) as proper site for our product, as it satisfied location advantage. * Perfect area for industry

* Near to distribution area.
* Good Transport facility.
* Excellent availability of raw material.
* Easy to get man power.

Raw Material

* Mild steel.
* The coiled springs,
* Plastic power for injection mold to make finger grip

The most recent staplers are being made almost entirely of plastic. Currently, however, the most popularly used staplers are still those made of metal....
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