Report on Cash Management

Topics: Cash flow statement, Cash flow, Credit Pages: 47 (9299 words) Published: February 26, 2011




A construction company at Dehradun

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for

Bachelor of Business Administration


|Project Supervisor: |Submitted by: | |Mr. Amar johri |Atul Gupta | |(Faculty,Finance, internal guide) |BBA III Year (V sem) | |Mr. Amjad Ali |Roll No. 2400045 | |(External guide) | | |[pic] | | | | |



“No task is a one-man effort.” Co-operation and Co-ordination of various people at different times go into successful completion and achievement of set goals. It is a great pleasure to extend my heartfelt thanks to everybody who helped me through the successful completion of this Summer Internship Project.

I want to thank Mr. Shalin Mishra, Manager (Accounts) for having granted me this wonderful opportunity to pursue my summer project at Makin Developers Pvt. Ltd. & provided me an opportunity to work in this esteemed organization and helped me with getting relevant data related to this project.

I would also like to take the opportunity to express a token of my appreciation for all the support, help and constant inspiration that I received from my Mentor Mr. AMAR JOHRI (Faculty ,internal guide),& Mr. Amjad Ali (Faculty, external guide) Graphic Era University Dehradun. I would like to thank to them because without their cooperation and assistance, this project would not have been possible.

I would like to thank Graphic Era University Dehradun which provided me with such a wonderful opportunity to do a project in an industry concurrently while pursuing the BBA course

In brevity, it was pleasure working in the organisation, which provided me the most congenial environment for learning.


BBA III (V Semester)


The conceptual knowledge acquired by management students is best manifested in the projects and training they undergo. Summer project is necessary part for fulfillment of BBA course. The emphasis in the project is providing the study and an insight into corporate world.

The Summer Project is designed to provide participation of BBA program as on the job experience. This has given a chance to try and apply the academic knowledge and gain insight into corporate culture. This helps in developing decision-making abilities and emphasizes on active participation by the student

I undertook my Project in Makin DevelopersPvt. Ltd., an Infrastructure Development Company. During the training, I had worked on the project “Cash Management”.

I gained valuable experience & knowledge during the training. The Project consists of my findings after tabulation of collected data, then analyzed conclusions were drawn and finally suggestions were put forward.


Finance constitutes the backbone of any business organisation. Every concern has to manage finance quite frequently during his entire life span. The research work entitled “Cash Management” aims to know cash management by Makin Developers Pvt. Ltd. The present report is a part of the project that contains the work done by me during the...
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