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A Project on Marketing Strategy adopted by UBL for Kingfisher Beer

A Project on Marketing Strategy adopted by UBL for Kingfisher Beer



Executive Summary


History, Contents, Classification and Types of Beer and
its Making


Board of Directors


Company Profile – History, Mission, Timelines, Organisation Structure, Achievements


Code of Conduct




Beer Trivia and Hangovers


Marketing Mix of Kingfisher – Product, Price, Promotion
and Place


Findings and Conclusions


Problems and Suggestions





A Project on Marketing Strategy adopted by UBL for Kingfisher Beer


I, the undersigned, Mr. Ashwinkumar Raveendran, student of
S.Y.B.B.A. from Bytco College, declare that this project entitled ‘The Marketing Strategy adopted by United Breweries Ltd. For Kingfisher Beer’ was carried out by me in the partial fulfillment of the course B.B.A. under University of Pune during 2007-08. This project was undertaken as a part of academic curriculum according to the University rule, norms and by no commercial interests and motives.

PLACE : Nashik

SIGN : ________________

A Project on Marketing Strategy adopted by UBL for Kingfisher Beer


I would like to express my boundless gratitude to Mr. Manoj Vaswani, Manager, Vaswani Brandy House, Nasik Road for extending his kind co-operation and providing information regarding the Marketing Mix adopted by Kingfisher Beer. I would also like to thank Prof. Vikrant Aher, who provided his sound guidance and extended his support to prepare this project report.

I would like to express my thanks to all other innumerable people, including my friends and seniors whom I might have forgotten to mention but nevertheless have played an important role and were an integral part of my research to make it a memorable one.

Last but not the least, my thanks to J.D.C. Bytco College, Nasik and Pune University who gave me an opportunity to reap the experience of working in the esteemed organization.

Ashwinkumar Raveendran
J.D.C. Bytco College, Nasik

A Project on Marketing Strategy adopted by UBL for Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher is the leading brand in the beer industry and it has maintained a professional marketing attitude to overcome the stiff competition. Their professional character is seen not only from the quality of their product, but also from their innovative management techniques. It is this eminence of this brand that has fascinated me to study the product and the marketing strategy adopted by United Breweries Ltd.

The objective of preparing this report was :


To understand the process of manufacturing, classification and types of beer.


To understand the various marketing techniques adopted by UBL.


To understand the various advertising & sales promotion techniques.


To find out the consumer response towards the brand.

I have enjoyed conducting research on this subject as it is an interesting but unnoticed subject and it has helped me to learn the history, making and marketing techniques in beer industry. It is truly the King of good times & I had a good time studying it.

A Project on Marketing Strategy adopted by UBL for Kingfisher Beer

History of Beer
When you next cool down with a cold beer, take a
minute to think of the ancient tradition of beer
making and what goes into this special brew.
There is a 4000 year-history dating back to the
region now known as Iraq but it was the Monks of
Europe, who nurtured the art of brewing.
Most significantly, it was in 1842 that the golden-coloured LAGER, that's been copied around the world, was first brewed by Bavarian, Josef Groll. What goes into beer?
BARLEY grains are turned into MALT (i.e. from starch to fermentable sugars) by being germinated, roasted...
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