Accounting Analysis Report

Topics: Financial ratios, Balance sheet, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Pages: 11 (3158 words) Published: September 4, 2010
Analysis report of ARB Corporation Ltd and Super Cheap Auto Group Ltd

Accounting Assignment 2010

Lecturer: Sia Dixit

Personal Details:
Hendrik Halim (HAHED92J)
Nathanael Siregar (SINAD102J)
David Ang (ANDAD92J)

MAA103 Assignment Planner – Trimester 2, 2010

STUDENT GROUP NAMES: ID No. :1. Hendrik Halim - HAHED 92J 2. Nathanael Siregar - SINAD 102J3. David Ang - ANDAD 92JClass Time/Day: 12.45 – 16.45 / Tuesday Lecturer’s Name: Sia Dixit|

DATE:| BRIEF DETAILS OF HOW YOU INTEND TO PROCEED TO COMPLETE REPORT:| NAME OF STUDENT(S) COMPLETING SECTION(S):| 18-Aug-2010| Overview and contents of an annual report| Nathanael Siregar| 19-Aug-2010| Table of contents| David Ang |

20-Aug-2010| Introduction + Part A| Hendrik Halim|
| Body Section| |
21-Aug-2010| Probability| Hendrik, Nathanael|
21-Aug-2010| Efficiency| Nathanael Siregar|
22-Aug-2010| Financial stability, short term and long term| Hendrik, Nathanael | 22-Aug-2010| Additional / other information| David Ang|
23-Aug-2010| Executive summary| Hendrik Halim|
23-Aug-2010| Limitation| David Ang|
24-Aug-2010| Recommendations| David Ang|
25-Aug-2010| List of reference| Hendrik Halim|
26-Aug-2010| Appendices| Nathanael Siregar|
27-Aug-2010| Editing and Finishing| Hendrik, Nathanael, David| 28-Aug-2010| Editing and Finishing| Hendrik, Nathanael, David|

Overview and Contents of the Annual Report
Answer Page No. What date is the end of the financial year? State Day, Month and Year | 27 June 2009| 18| How many new stores did the group open in Australia during the financial year? | 10| 5| Who is the company secretary of the group?| Mr. DJ Kelley| 21| Who are the auditors for the group?| RJ WrightRD McllwainMc Donovan| 15| Do the financial statements comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)?| Yes| 38| What was the total revenue and income for Goldcross Cycles?| 19,118| 50| What was the total depreciation expenses for the group?| 15,688| 53| What is the total provision for employee benefits?| 10,152| 60| What is the total number of ordinary issued shares as at the end of the financial year? | 84,627| 67| What percentage of the issued capital of Goldcross Cycles was acquired by the group?| 50%| 78| How many BCF stores are located in the Northern Territory? | 1| 90| What was the amount of total cash flows from investing activities?| 33,146| 34| What is the total of Retained Profits as at the end of the financial year?| 67,084| 80| Where is the Group’s head office located?| 751, Gympie Road, Lawnton 4501, Queensland | 30| What was the basic earnings per share?| 30,2| 82|

How much has the group paid in dividends during the year?| 14,928| 70| Executive Summary
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the financial ratio of ARB Corporation Ltd and Super Cheap Auto Group Ltd over the period of 2008-2009. The analysis of financial ratio consist three types of ratio. They are the profitability, the efficiency, and the financial stability ratio. In the first section, the key financial ratios of Super Cheap Auto Group Ltd will be calculated and then will be compared with the competitor ARB Corporation Ltd. moreover the result of each ratio will be interpreted in order to gain better understanding about which company is having a good financial ratio. Overall, it has been found that Super Cheap Auto Group Ltd and ARB Corporation Ltd...
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