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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Business Administration is the study of the performance and management of a business, including important decision making. There are many different duties related to Business Administration, including office manager, business support, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and many others. Most companies have a dedicated group of administrators. The main areas in Business Administration are management, logistics, human resources, operations, economics, and organization. An administrator checks all these parts of organizations to ensure that they are all working properly and efficiently.

The time it takes to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration changes depending on the school. At most colleges that have a business school or department, the course of study takes four years, or eight semesters. The majority of students earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. At some schools, the core curriculum could be extended, and some could be accelerated degree programs that can be completed in as little as three full years. If one wishes to pursue a graduate study in Business Administration, it usually requires two years extra. The degree is often called MBA or Masters in Business Administration.

One can earn the degree whether on a campus or though online colleges. When a student graduates, he or she will have the knowledge to open his or her own business or work in corporate America. The years that it takes to obtain a Masters in Business Administration is definitely worth the potential success.

Considering a degree in Business Administration but do not know what job opportunities await? A major in Business Administration can get results in multiples areas. These areas may be in private business, education, government and retail. A lot would depend on the prestige of the college one graduated from and one’s area of specialties. Important skills such as decision making, clear communication, and organization, can set the structure for a successful...