Report of Between Basic Bank Leading Schemes and Sme Loan.

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Background of the study
1.1 Origin of the report
This report is prepared as per internship requirement of my Masters of Business Administration. (MBA ) program of the International Islamic University Chittagong. I worked 2 Months from 1st February to 30th March 2013 in BASIC Bank Limited karonbazer Branch, Dhaka. In two months I have through various banking activities. This report is a brief overview of those daily activities I have done during the internship period.

1.1 Introduction of the Report
In today’s fast moving world, business is more complex and competitive. Banking is an essential industry. It is where we often wind up when we’re seeking a loan to purchase a new automobile, tuition for college or trade school, financial advice on how to invest our savings, credit to begin a new business, a safe deposit box to safeguard our valuable documents or even more commonly, a checking account or Credit card to keep track of when and where we spend our money. This industry, composed of thousands of firms worldwide, literally affects the welfare of every other industry and the economy as a whole.

BASIC Bank Limited is state owned specialized bank operating for 21 years. At the outset, the Bank started as a joint venture enterprise of the BCC Foundation, a welfare trust of Bangladesh, with 70 percent shares and Government of Bangladesh with the remaining 30 percent shares back in 21st January 1989. The BCC Foundation being nonfunctional following the closure of the BCCI, the Government of Bangladesh took over 100 percent ownership of the Bank on 4th June 1992.Steady growth in client base and their high retention rate since Bank’s inception testifies to the immense confidence they repose on its services. Diversified products both liability and assets sides particularly a wide range of lending products related to development of small industries and micro enterprises, and commercial and trading activities attract entrepreneurs from varied economic fields. Along with promotion of products special importance is given to individuals clients through personalized services. In fact individuals matter in this Bank. This motto has been followed for the development of clients as well as human resources of the Bank.

1.3 Objectives of the study

The prime objective of the study is to difference between BASIC bank leading schemes and SME loan. To materialize the main objective the following specific objective can be initiated:

* To mach theoretical knowledge with practical field.
* To know about BASIC bank Leading schemes and product.
* To know about SME loan.
* To compare BASIC bank Leading schemes and SME loan.
* To recommend suggestions for the development of BASIC Bank Limited.
1.4 Methodology of the study

In order to prepare this report, information was collected from both the primary and secondary sources. The information for the organization part of the report was collected from secondary sources like books, published reports and annual reports of the BASIC Bank Limited. For general concept development about the bank short interviews and discussion session were taken as primary source.

The information for evaluating the project appraisal system of BASIC Bank Limited, Karonbazer Branch discussion with the employee of the Karonbazer Office was also conducted. To identify the implementation, supervision, and repayment practice- interview with the employees, clients and extensive study of the existing file and practical case observation were done. The relevant data are to be collected from the primary as well as secondary sources

#. Primary sources of Data – are collected through
Observation for the total internee period
Open ended & close ended question
Operational process and different concerned personnel Conducting interviews both customers & staffs of the branch.

#. Secondary sources of Data – are collected through...
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