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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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Problem identification
As a famous high-tech company of America, Apple plays an important role in the marketing of electronic technology products. Managing to keep Apple fresh is the most important thing to the company, by hiring the right people, the company got success in the global competition, and it didn’t lay people off during the period of the global financial crisis. However, Apple still has some problems in the style of management, which can be said the balance between classical approach and behavioural approach. According to the case, Apple focus on using the behavioural approach to manage the company, which provides insights into individual, interpersonal and group processes, and encouraged managers to take such factors into account. And at the same time Apple ignored to use the classical approach to improve workers’ performance, which relates to the quality of service and product. As a result, this makes the company get difficult in prediction of human behaviour, and inadequacy of communication to managers. Theory/Model discussion

Apple can choose the appropriate method to solve this problem. According to Parr(1992), “the classical management paradigm revolves around managers planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, and directing”(p19). Julianne (2009) claimed that “Each management group has its own objectives and responsibilities. The top management is usually the board of directors or the chief executives who are responsible for the long-term goals of the organization. Middle management oversees the supervisors, setting department goals according to the approved budget. At the lowest level are the supervisors who oversee day-to-day activities, address employee issues and provide employee training” (p31). Furthermore, according to the classical management theory, employees should be motivated by monetary rewards. In other words, they will work harder and become more productive if they have an incentive to look forward to. This gives management...
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