Religious Belief

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Growing up, it was a tradition to wake up on Sundays to get dressed and all ready to go. I

would see my siblings hesitate to wanting to do this each Sunday. They would have rather stay

home, sleep in, and also play with toys. You would see the adults run around, look at the clock

and even sometimes say we were going to be late. There at church, we would meet with strangers and even have a seat with them the entire time as the pastor would start to talk. Once again, I

would watch how incredible it was that all these people would meet each Sunday for this. As I

got older I became more aware of why this was so important to people and it made sense to why

people would go to church and what having belief in God was. I have come to understand that

religious belief reinforces the importance of community in various ways. As it can also lead

individuals who do not believe not wanting to be part of it. The community has achieved the

unity with weekly services, group activities and even the celebration of holidays, which in fact

most of these holidays have gone across the world and is known by many.

To begin, weekly services organized by each church is a great factor to why people come

together as a community. Many of us know what day every week we will gather to listen, sing

and read the word of God. None the less, even as we all have our perspective to religion and

belief we tend to unite with strangers all for the same purpose.

Continuing, group activities

Lastly, Holidays

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