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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Supernatural Power and Deities
Supernatural Power and Deities

1. The Nordic people believed there were two races of deities, the Aesir and the Vanir and that they were at constant war with one another until a truce was finally agreed. 2. The Aesir eventually defeated the Vanir but under the terms of surrender the Vanir gods of fertility were include in the Nordic. 3. It is a significant reflection on the character of the Norse folk that their pantheon was a harmonious arrangement between peaceful gods of agriculture and warlike gods of battle drawn from different divine racers. 4. Each day all the gods would meet around the World Tree, Yggdrasil, to hold council and decide the matter of all things. 5. The sagas rarely talk of the Norse gods intervening with humans or intervening in their affair. 6. B) A measure of the enduring influence of the Nordic religion on Anglo-Saxon culture is that several days of the week trace their English names to Viking deities. 7. Odin was the god of universal wisdom and victory. He appeared under various name (including Woden, Wodan, Wotan, Har, Jafnhar, and Thride) and the various guises. 8. A) He was the Lord of Hosts and the god of battle.

B) He was believed to inspire battle ecstasy in some warriors; called Berserks who would fight welcomed into the Paradise of Valhalla those who died in battle. 9. Odin was often depicted as a Middle aged man with long curly hair and a beard. He was attended by two ravens, Hug in (though) and man in (memory). Which he sent out into the world every day to gather information for him. 10. Odin crucified himself on the world tree in a mysterious ritual of sacrificing himself to himself to advance his quest for sacred knowledge. For nine days and nights he hung, pierced by a spear, until magical ‘runes’ (mystical symbols) appeared before him. 11. Thor the god of thunder, lightning and storms, was Odin’s eldest brother, his mother was the earth....
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