Religion of Emile Durkheim

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Religion (Emile Durkheim)

Religion is one of the things that humans never forget. We have different beliefs because we have varied culture and traditions. Merely, we always fight for our belief try to prove it and be faithful. We have the right to Religion because we have the freedom to choose who we will worship or to not worship. Emile Durkheim discuss about the totem or the natural things like tree, animals etc that people worship and became the center of their rituals. We people are always looking for the reason why we exist. We are naturally curious that’s why we are asking why we are here on earth and many other intriguing questions that are essential in our life. We are finding our purpose and searching for the answers. No one can really give us a concrete answer to our questions, because of this all the things that we can’t explain are works of our God. In our prehistoric times, when there is an earthquake or other natural phenomenon the people tend to be afraid and assume that their God is angry. But still nowadays, even we can explain scientifically the earthquakes and other, our Religion still remains. Emile Durkheim said that we create Religion but it became more powerful than us. As time goes by, some of us are being controlled by religion through the institutions. Some people use Religion to step on others. They use the name God to manipulate others for their advantages. For me, people really need something to believe on. We need something to hold on when we are on the lowest point of our life. When we are in trouble we became more close to our God because we feel comfort in our souls every time we seek help on “Him”. I prefer to be Spiritual person than to be Religious. I want to fulfill my spiritual needs. I’m not generalizing that all Religious institution are bad or have a hidden agenda. There are still individuals on it are really in service for others. There are still inspiring person on those institutions that made me realize how...
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