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Additional Chapter 2 Notes

Ways that show how “the desire for God is written on the human heart.” Two examples are:

Looked for God through meditation:
Saint Thomas Aquinas made up five proofs of the existence of God.
Saint Paul thought about God and wrote about Him in letters to Christians around the world. Looked for God through prayer:
Teresa of Avila, known for prayer and writings.
Hildegard of Bingen wrote sacred music and meditations.
Looked for God through sacrifices:
Therese of Lisieux made small sacrifices for God.
Ignatius of Antioch became a martyr.
Zacchaeus gave back taxes he collected because he wanted to be closer to Jesus.

There are several ways to compare and contrast natural ways of knowing God and Divine Revelation. Examples are:

Natural Ways of knowing God are signs we can see in the world, such as through other people and in creation. Other examples include the world around us, the human person/relationships with others, experiences of our ancestors in faith, and the understanding of the faith community.

Through Divine Revelation the knowledge of God that we can only get when God helps us. These include Sacred Scripture. Other examples include Sacred Scripture and the Sacred Tradition.

Blessed Pope John Paul II said that faith should not fear reason. What he meant that both faith and reason are needed to help us know and become closer to God. On or the other is not enough, because both of them are limited in this world. The statement was necessary because some people thought that science (reason) was most important, and others put too much emphasis on faith.

The mystics we discussed in this chapter helped others deepen their relationship with God. They did this in the following ways:

Saint Paul was a mystic who helped others by traveling and sharing God’s story. He wrote letters that we still read today.

Blessed Hildegard von Bingen wrote about her visions and wrote music that helped people...
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