Liberty University the Significance of the Calling of Paul the Apostle Research Paper Bibl323

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  • Published: May 27, 2013
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Liberty University

The Significance of the Calling of Paul the Apostle

A research paper submitted to Dr. Craig Miller
In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements For

Liberty University Online

Lynchburg, Virginia
March 9, 2013

Table of Contents
Introduction- 2
A Look into Saul’s Past- 2
Jesus Confronts Saul- 4
Paul’s Life and Teachings- 5
the Death of Paul the Apostle- 6
Conclusion- 7
Bibliography- 8

1. A look into Saul’s past.
1.A Roman citizen born to Jewish Parents.
2.Saul was well known for persecuting Christians.
2. Jesus Confronts Saul.
1.The trip to Damascus.
2.What happened to Saul?
3.The change in Saul.
3. Paul’s Life and Teachings.
1.The people’s reaction to Paul’s sudden change.
2.Paul referred to as an apostle.
3.The radical change in Paul to the type of person he once persecuted. 4. The Death of Paul.
1.Paul comes full circle through his martyrdom.
2.The legacy one of the most influential men of history left behind. 5. Conclusion.
1.A summary of the life, calling, and death of Saul of Tarsus.

The calling of Saul of Tarsus was phenomenal in many aspects. From his past, to his life and teachings, Saul of Tarsus is one of the most intriguing and shocking people of history. Born a Roman citizen to Jewish parents, Saul grew up to become a well-known persecutor of the primitive Christian faith. Saul still puzzles the world with one of the most shocking pivotal points in history – his conversion to the faith he so adamantly tried to stomp out. A Look into Saul’s Past

Saul was born a Roman citizen to Jewish parents in the city of Tarsus, which today sits in the country of Turkey. Saul was a Pharisee like his father. He grew up as any Jewish boy would have – studying the scriptures. He completed his studies under the teachings of Gamaliel the Elder, the leading authority in the Sanhedrin during that time. Saul knew the scriptures; his...
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