Reliability and Validity in Selection Process

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  • Published: January 21, 2011
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This research work focuses on the various aspects of evaluative standards like reliability and validity. Alongside the research work here describes the various phases in a selection process and a case study which help understand how reliability and validity can be examined and achieved over the entire selection process.


Validity in general is “the accuracy in measurement and it must measure what it purports to measure” (Cooper, Robertson and Tinline, 2003, pp 49)

Different types of validity can be considered as per the research area. Research shows while hiring an employee through a standard recruitment and selection process the construct validity, content validity and criterion based validity play a very crucial role (Cooper, Robertson and Tinline, 2003, pp 53). Validity can also fall under different types like faith validity, face validity, rational validity and synthetic validity (Cook, M., 1998, pp 78).


Reliability can be stated as consistency in the measurement or extent to which an instrument gives the similar results when subjected to same working conditions. Reliability cannot be measured but it needs to be estimated. Reliability can be estimated in two different ways. Test/Retest method emphasizes on getting a same result in two different tests and then computing the correlation with reference to those two tests. Internal consistency the second way in estimating reliability focuses on clubbing questions in such a format that in turn measures the required skills in the same aspect (Gate wood, Field, Barrick, 2004, pp 113)

Reliability can also be referred as “Dependability of a measurement device or test; the underlying principle is consistency of measurement” (Cooper, Robertson and Tinline, 2003, pp 48)

Validity against Reliability

Psychological based research indicates employees hired through interviews and references constitute to the inaccurate methods of...
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