Validity and Reliability Matrix

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Validity and Reliability Matrix

For each of the tests of reliability and validity listed on the matrix, prepare a 50-100-word description of test’s application and under what conditions these types of reliability would be used as well as when it would be inappropriate. Then prepare a 50-100-word description of each test’s strengths and a 50-100-word description of each test’s weaknesses.

|TEST OF RELIABILITY |APPLICATION AND APPROPRIATENESS |STRENGTHS |WEAKNESSES | |Internal Consistency |This method determines the consistency of items that compose |The strength would be in comparing the responses from the |All items would need to be of the same design or construct to| | |a particular test. In order to gauge the reliability of the |participants to look for the consistency. It would be using |eliminate variables. This is fairly easy to develop in some | | |test, one needs to use an evaluation that measures only one |the same items for comparison so the responses should all |tests, such as a math test, but much more difficult for more | | |item or area. An evaluation would be administered to a group|fall within an expected range. It would eliminate certain |complex or subjective measurements. | | |of people at one time. The administrator would then examine |variables in other forms of comparison. | | | |the responses to see if the items, which would all be of the | |( | | |same design or construct, yielded the same or similar results| | | | |from all who took the evaluation. If the responses were | | | | |similar, then the internal consistency would be considered | | | | |reliable. If the responses varied a great deal, in other | | | | |words there was no consistency in the responses, the | | | | |instrument would be considered not to be a reliable | | | | |measurement. There are many was to determine the internal | | | | |consistency such as split-half, test-retest, and parallel | | | | |forms. The split-halves method is a common way to gauge the | | | | |internal consistency reliability of various survey | |...
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