Relection in Nursing

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April 4th, 2012

The purpose of this paper is to outline the issues of gender inequality on society as a whole, these effects are prominent in different segments or fields of the society, such as in working places, homes, education sector and as much as we can think of. Could these inequalities be the reason why women are unlikely to get the same wages/salaries as men? Historically, the domination of men in policymaking, leaderships, and most sectors of the society have been steady. Thus, the resulting segregation of men and women is not exactly surprising. Gender inequality is what causes segregation between men and women; it’s also a highly contested segment in the area of sociology, even though there is a milder occurrence of situations having to do with gender inequality now compared to early days. Its occurrence cannot be over emphasized. Difference in culture, environment, and the social era at the present moment can affect how humans perceive gender inequality? And how it affects them negatively or positively? When we talk about gender inequality, most times our minds are driven towards the fact that men are considered higher than women in all ramifications; this is part of what brings about the inequality. Hence, this brings about patriarchy construct; ‘’which refers to social conditions being thought of or structured in a way that favors men and boys over women and girls’’ Gender inequalities are not biological but socially constructed. Theoretical approach such as the feminist theory broadens our knowledge about gender inequality.somewhat, Gender inequality has some relationship with homosexuality because its all about the perception, not just the sexuality; in cases where a person with the male gender but happens to be gay, in some areas of the society he is somehow treated as that of a female even though he is originally of the male gender, just because he has a sexuality of the female and acts in such a manner as of a woman i.e. dress codes, gestures ,relationships wife other people, the gay person is therefore treated with almost the same rank of inequality as of a woman. Examples of such cases can be seen in schools for example; a teenage boy in high school and has a gay sexuality is not exactly considered to be someone with a ‘high reputation’ in the school settings, he could be often bullied or made to feel so less of himself, this could explain the reason why most men with gay sexuality have more conversant interactions with women than they do with men, thus, even if he is of a male gender just because he portrays acts of a woman in his sexuality he is often treated equally as a woman, but these are only in some sections of the society. Also, in religion there is a strong connection between religion and patriarchy or religion and gender as the case might be, the question ‘Does God favor males?’ arises Christianity has it that women should always be submissive to men because a woman was made out of the ribs of a man meaning that she is under him. ‘A man is the e image and glory of God; but women is the glory of man.for man was not made from woman neither was man created for woman, but woman for man’’ (1 Corinthians 14:33-35) also in the Qur’an it is said that ‘’Men are in charge of woman hence good women are obedient’’ (Qur’an). It is no debate that women are seldom leaders of priestess in churches or congregation, it has been a battle in the last 5o years and it is only in recent times that women are being ordained as pastors and some form of leader. An instance can be seen when dealing with content analysis; which refers to as the ‘’studying of sets of cultural rules, artifacts or events by systematically counting them (to show which ones dominate) and interpret the themes they reflect’’ feminist approaches to content analysis attempts to expose pervasive patriarchal (male -dominated) and misogynist (women-hating)....
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