Relationship Roadblocks

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  • Published : April 23, 2002
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Relationship Roadblocks

The first major topic the text brings forward in chapter 6 is the concept of relationship roadblocks. As the name implies these seven categories act as the downfalls to relationships. The concepts cover a wide range of types of problems from being tongue tied to giving up too much of your self to have a relationship. These concepts also happen at many different stages in relationship development however they primarily occur during the beginning or pre-relationship period. The first roadblock to a relation ship is high expectations. This concept describes how pop culture; media and even friends relationships can make us want to have the perfect relationship when that perfect relation ship does not exist. I do want the perfect relationship but do realize that in order to achieve this takes much effort on both persons part.

The second is holding the believe that a relationship should be easy. This makes the claim that because people communicate everyday that communicating in a relationship should be very easy. I do fall victim to this roadblock. I like to enjoy relationships and all the fun and happiness that go along with them however I do not like to deal with the inevitable problems that come up with them.

Fear of failure is the third roadblock to relationships. This is when people are scared to get into a relationship. I do not suffer from this roadblock. I believe that if you don't try and fail sometimes you have zero chance of trying and succeeding.

The forth roadblock states that If I just relax, a good relationship will find me. This states that people expect friendships and relationships will just appear and present themselves in front of you. This philosophy believes that if you put forth effort to find someone you won't find them. This makes no sense to me finding a good relationship

The bozo pill is the ultimate mistake when trying to start a relationship. This is when you see an attractive person and...
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