Relationship Between Private and Public Police

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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Relationship between Private and Public Police
When you look at both public police and private police they have the same goal in mind, safety, protection, and an overall good relationship with the public and the people that they protect. Public police are there to help prevent crime from happening, to provide victims with assistance, and to maintain a relationship by being interactive within their community. Private police are normally responsible for securing the asset’s and property of a private organization or a company. There has not been a lot of research done over the past few years about how public police and private police feel about each other. In some cases if you ask the private police they would say that they do not feel like law enforcement officer respect them as police officials. Private police do not have the same authority as public police officers. Private police feel that when it comes to law enforcement they are more concerned with making arrest and less concerned about preventing crime in their neighborhoods. They also feel that police officers solicit information that need from security agencies but they do not do it in the correct manor. In some cases public police officers say that private security is not professional like they are. Police officers are there to make arrests and to make sure people get prosecuted where they feel that private security does not do that. They feel that private security is client based and they are very reluctant to prosecutePublic police and private police have a lot of similarities as well as a lot of differences and this distinction can often be blurred. The private police look and can behave like the public police do. When they describe their function or purpose it is a lot like the responsibilities and activities of the two. Even though there are differences they tend to mirror each other to a certain extent. One of the main things that private security does is security alarms, investigative services and...
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