Private and Public Police

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  • Published : April 21, 2010
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Private and Public 1.

Relationship between Private and Public Police

Lillie Johnson CJS 250 Gregg Herchek April 11, 2010

Private and Public 2.


In my paper I will be discussing the relationship between private and public police, I will tell you how the conflict regard the definition of the public and private space and how it influence the relationship between the two, and I will tell you ways to maintain or improve the relationship between public and private police.

Public and Private 3.

In the relationship between private and public police, private police are different. Private officers do not work for us; but they do offer their services for corporations, they basically focus on the corporation that hired them. Private police has three times more than public police does. The private police care less about the due process, civil rights, and the public safety. “Private police dwells on the protection, immediate deterrence, and commercial enforcement”. (Private Security and the Law, 2004).

“Private police have become the most fast growing industries” (Zielinski, n.d.). Businesses and corporations must hire their own private guards. Private police may be used in certain situations where the public police may have the skills to carry out the job. For example in New York, the private police from the agency went to a place and the private police paid for services,...
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