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The role of police in society is to maintain order and enforce justice amongst the community. Their duty is to bring those who are criminally charged with a crime to the courts in the state to be punished properly for their actions. The role of the police is to protect the community at all costs. Millions of things would happen if the role changed or was lessened for them from different needs within the structure of the facilities and squads needs and to the community that it lessened for. These changes are in things such as organizational structure, changes in management, strategic planning, and changes in programs and certain crime analysis systems.

Probable cause can affect a police officers job in the most extreme ways. Probably cause4 is a certain type of evidence that can be contributed for reasonable suspicion of a suspect or criminal. When the probable cause is not as strong on the fact of evidence against that person, it can make the job of an officer harder as they try to arrest the criminal. When the probable cause is in the stronger side of reason or evidence, the officer’s job becomes much easier to explain and an easier decision for them to make as an officer also has to make sure to abide by our rights and laws. I believe we can help the officers facing these issues by supporting and contributing to their needs as a force that is against the majority of our crime in our communities. Keeping watch and setting priority to the needs we have for an officer. Respecting and even helping an officer’s decision when we can and making sure that we practice all needs of our community force in policing.
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