Relationship Between Private and Public Police

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Relationship between Private and Public Police
Cassandra Utz
June 10, 2012

Initially it was the responsibility of the public police-law enforcement to provide protection to all society and the property that existed within the jurisdictions these police officers served. In contemporary day, public and private police officials can be found working hand-in-hand on a regular basis at numerous public and private events-functions. In addition, it is not uncommon to observe police officers working part-time jobs with private security officials in order to safeguard valuable assets. Certain jurisdictions throughout the United States, such as Boston Massachusetts, have been given special private security officers arrest powers as a result of the lack of public security officers available.

One major difference that has been slowly but steadily changing is the mandatory training required for both the public ad private security officers. The training and education a public police officer must complete in order to be hired by any department, is on average for more in-depth than that of a private security officer who usually is forced to submit to a standard drug test and a basic back ground criminal investigation check. But the educational opportunities that exist in modern day, the availability of these educational opportunities and the liability problems that exist as a result of not having professionally trained individuals working private security is almost prominent (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, 2007).

Large private security companies are now realizing the importance of having better trained officers and are increasing the level of professionalism their security officers have for the sole purpose of establishing contracts and in order to compete against public law enforcement officers. Furthermore, public officers receive their salaries from tax payer’s dollars and are backed up by strong unions. With this being said, police officers...
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