Reign over Me Character Profile

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Reign Over Me
(Alan Johnson aids his friend to help overcome a tragic loss during events on 9/11)

September 11, 2001 the United States of America was attacked and left devastated. "I was in the left hand lane with my windows closed. I did not hear anything at all until the plane was just right above our cars. I estimated that the plane passed about 20 feet over my car, as I waited in the left hand lane of the road, on the side closest to the Pentagon. The plane clipped the top of a light pole just before it got to us, injuring a taxi driver, whose taxi was just a few feet away from my car. I saw it crash into the building," Father Stephen McGraw said. Airliners were hijacked by terrorists and flown into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in New York leaving the families of the victims awe in silence. Years later, I, Alan Johnson, a tall dark African American dentist, will attempt to help my old dental-school roommate, Charlie Fineman, whose family was aboard one of the flights which crashed into the World Trade Center. Charlie is distraught and lost, and I will do what is power to help him find his way.

Similar to Charlie, I too also have had difficulties at the office and at home. For instance, I decided to open up my own small dental practice with a few partners which have been very rewarding for all of us. Today at the office, I found myself in a delicate situation with one of my patients and eventually had to ask her to leave and to have her find another dentist. I do not understand why I continually get entangled in treating these kind people everyday of my life when in fact fixing their teeth is the least thing my patients should be worried about. Therefore I decided to take the rest of the day of and started to head for home. While waiting for the dreadful traffic light to turn; I noticed my old dental-school roommate walking out of a hardware store carrying paint. I yelled to him, “Charlie Fineman,” and received no response. It was indeed noisy during prime-time traffic, everyone beeping there horns, and it was kind of chaotic. There is a good chance he did not hear my voice over the noise.

Soon later I arrived home and entered my cozy apartment, I saw my wife Jeanne, who is also African American, with beautiful dark radiant eyes with mildly long onyx hair down to her shoulders and slender body posture fixing my two daughters and me dinner in my upscale Woody Manhattan apartment. I love my family, however, there are times I feel trapped when communicating to my wife, Jeanne. I want to have freedom once in awhile, to perform hobbies of my choice instead of hers. She signed us both up for advance photography course… I silently utterly the one word which should never be said, “fuck,” and sarcastically said I would go. Seriously, it could not be any worse than sitting home with Jeanne doing puzzles every night. Thankfully, tonight, my daughter needed a ride to her friends sparing myself sheer boredom. On the way back from my daughter’s friend’s house; I noticed Charlie Fineman zoomed past my vehicle on his motorized scooter off into traffic. I jumped out of my vehicle, yelled his name a few times and ran towards him and he slowly came to a stop. He was kind of scrounge looking, darkish blonde curly hair, and wearing dark sweater sporting his bulking headphones. I went up to him and introduced myself to him again, “Hey Charlie, it’s Alan Johnson” and he seriously denies knowing me; I brought up dental-school, Burrow’s Hall, and he slowly started to remember who I was. I asked, “Are you still practicing?” and he responded, “All the time. He took down twelve of the colossus. Take the journey and discover yourself.” I did not understand what he meant and I asked, “Would you like to get some coffee and catch up on old times?”

Thankfully, there was a small coffee shop located on the corner. Upon entering, I noticed there were quite few people crowded into this small area, but overall it seemed to be a...
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