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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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When I entered the University of the West Indies, I thought I was at the summit of English Language, the summit of writing, the summit of analysis, but I was in for a rude awakening when I entered my first class for Writing in the Disciplines, FD14A. The foundation course Writing in the Disciplines on a yearly basis intends to shape the students of the West Indies into an ideal UWI graduate that is, being a critical and creative thinker, being a better analyst, a problem solver, team player etc. This course is very organized, because initially it outlines and explains each week’s activities so prior preparation can be done, as well as giving the students an idea of what to expect. Although it came with challenges like any other courses, it has greatly improved my analytical and critical reading skills as well as my writing. FD14A has shone light upon many students and even though we students may gripe and cry that it is tedious and time consuming, I strongly believe that this course is needed in every way possible to not only improve us as better writers, but also for us not to think we have reached the top.

At my orientation for the University of the West Indies, I found out that I had to do Writing in the Disciplines as my first foundation course. Not knowing what to expect I decided to ask students, who have experience with the course, for an overview. The feedback was mostly negative and being a human the negative thoughts overwhelmed me. Fear and nervousness rattled every bone in my body, and all I could think was the worst was yet to come. The day came when I had to face this dreaded course that most if not all hated so much, but there was comfort in the voice of my lecturer, Mrs. Ababio who said “Before you judge, experience the course for yourself.” Then I realized that all I knew before was just a fragment of what I was about to learn. Writing is a skill that needs development and practice just like sports or anything for that matter. Like the...
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