Topics: Writing, Writing style, Writing system Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Reflections: What does this document mean to you? What lessons did you learn from creating it? How is it relevant to your overall theme or purpose?

Job Description:
This assignment allowed me to explore different job occupations, and concentrate on just one that caught my attention. I was able to learn about the details of being a property manager, which focus on the pros, cons, and the expectations of the job. During this assignment, I was also able to explore and improve on my writing style. By creating this assignment, I was able to learn of the unique job opportunities in the real estate industry. This writing project relates to my overall theme and purpose of my future co-op placement in the real estate industry since it gives potential employers a sample of my written work. By creating this ePortfolio, I am able to accumulate my assignments and projects over time in order to create a strong portfolio of myself with a vast variety of personal work.

Gossip Column:
This document forced me to explore a writing style and tone that I never have written in the past. Since I needed to write in a similar voice of the gossip columns in the book Cocktail Party Economics for The Economist by my very own professor Eveline Adomait, I have learned that mimicking other tones and styles can be very difficult. In order to write in a similar voice, I needed to read a number of Eveline’s gossip columns to get on the right track. This writing assignment will help create a portfolio for my potential co-op employers in the future. I believe it is critical to be able to show progress and improvement through my university career, not only for employers, but also for myself.

Cocktail Party Book Review:
This assignment was different than any other projects I have written. This assignment was a personal opinion piece. As a result, I was able to state my thoughts and expand on my views regarding the book Cocktail Party Economics for The Economist by my professor...
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