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Reflection of the story of Mr Wee Kok Wah

What i can learn after watching the video about the story of Mr Wee Kok Wah is that when doing business we must be willing to accept any thing that is going to happen in the future.We must be ready to face any obtacles and never give up to keep trying to find a way to solve the problem. And the most important thing is that we must first know what our problem is before we are going to solve it. By then we can solve the problem without having any problems. Think before we do.

The ability to see opportunity in every single step we walk will let us to develope or get into new business that we never think before. We must be hard working person if we want to success in our business. No matter where we are, and when it is, always think about the business and try to see an opportunity in every sight of direction. Because our business will not grow up if we only are satisfied of what we have got now. The initiative to expand our business is very important. As we want our business to be better in the future, we will keep trying to work harder. What i can see is that Mr Wee Kok Wah is workholic person, he loves his job. I think there is no problems that cannot be solved if we do it sincerly and with hard working.

The last but not least is that the support from family is one of the most important factor to keep our business running smoothly when we face the problems. We might have given up our business once we could not face or solve the problems. The support from family is the power that cannot be ruined because there is love in it. What i can see from the video is that, maybe Mr. Wee Kok Wah will not be as success as today without helping from his Mother and His wife. It does not matter how small the amount of money we have, or it does not matter how many problems we have, because there always be family that can cheer us up when we are down.
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