Reflection Paper

Topics: Pasay City, Skill, Training Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: March 7, 2013
100 Contact Hours at St. Mary’s Academy, Pasay City
A Reflection Paper

Since I took up AB Psychology, I have never envisioned myself working in an educational setting, considering the opportunities at bay. And up to now, I still haven’t found the gist that could hook me into pursuing a career in Guidance and Counseling. In my few hours of stay at SMAP, I did not just prove myself that I am not the Guidance Counselor material, but I also realized the limits of my capabilities.

I always thought, “Hey, I can teach tertiary subjects, but I will never be the Guidance Counselor everyone expects me to be.” And indeed it was true. I just don’t have the passion and the patience in handling such work. Interest is different from skill. That’s one thing I learned. Although I can cope up with the demands of the occupation, I just can’t perform to a maximum level, because I don’t have my heart in what I am doing. Honestly, if it wasn’t for this practicum requirement, I would never have set foot in the Guidance and Counseling profession.

During my stay in SMAP, a few conflicts rose, particularly in schedule. Mainly because I have 8 subjects this semester, plus my undergraduate thesis, which is almost done, with the help of my partner, Gerald. With all the pressure, I seemed fragile. And as a Guidance Counselor, you can never manifest fragility in front of your clients. But during the span of January to February, my thoughts weren’t in coherence with my acts. Perhaps I was just stressed, but I shrugged the thought because I realized Guidance and Counseling isn’t really my thing. I did well in Industrial Setting, with the same conflicts. But I hardly notice them because I enjoy what I am doing, considering the fact that the Senate Office is a harmonious place. I guess I just don’t have an eye for repetitive work routine.

If there’s another thing I proved to myself, it’s that I am more into spontaneity. I do not like...
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