Reflection on Work and Life Balance

Topics: Family, Interpersonal relationship, Christian Church Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: December 12, 2012
The short time spent on this course and more importantly, the topics presented by the different groups had a positive impact on how I look at balancing my work, family and even my ministry. To some, this may seem to be just one of those topics they usually see in classes. But for me, it can make a difference in a person. It can change someone who’s all about work, money or fame into someone who could provide love and care for their families. I also believe that this course could change someone with no care for the community into someone that could have tremendous contributions to society. As I look back at the presentation of our group speaker, the story of their family driver still lingers in my mind and reminds me of how blessed I am to be with my wife and daughter every day. I’ve never felt the pain of being away from my parents and I could never be able to relate to their struggles. However, I do wish that things would be better for these families. Adding to the grueling work schedule is a busy church ministry life. I have known people who had full-time ministries that forgot about their families, lost their intimate relationships with their spouses and lost the respect of their children. Mine has quite a different story:

Perhaps, most students will share their stories of how they try their best to balance their current work and their families. Most will probably share how many birthdays, graduations or soccer games they missed due to commitments to work. We see this in movies and hear this from friends. Many kids grow up and wondered if their parents had enough love to sacrifice work and spend more time with them. I used to have a typical life back when I was working in a BPO company. I went to work, got home to my wife and daughter and served God in His church on Sundays. It was pretty much the same thing until things and I thought that contentment means just being happy with what I am back then. In other words, I slacked off and never aimed for higher...
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