Book Review: Balancing the Christian Life by Dr. Charles Ryrie

Topics: Understanding, Arithmetic mean, Christianity Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Balancing the Christian Life written by Dr. Charles Ryrie, is not like the rest of the books out on the market that try to teach us how to balance the Christian life. As you begin reading in the opening pages you are immediately immersed with numerous biblical concepts that deal with man and his spirituality. As you move into the middle part of the book you will read what it means to sanctify ourselves and our own personal responsibilities as Christians. Lastly as you we further into the latter part of this book your questions to exactly what problems you will experience in your Christian walk in will answered.

This book is very practical as located in the back is a bonus study guide that will be help to teach this to a small group, Bible study, family devotions, or even just for your own personal use. One thing that this book has that most others do not is that it

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deals with Sanctification in a very practical way. Dr. Ryrie has been blessed in the way he is able to take something that is complex and making it something that is clear and comprehensible for the average person to understand. In this book, Dr. Ryrie, will bring out the crucial elements of what it means to be truly spiritual and he does so in such a simple way.

As you disciple young believers this book would be a great tool as it will help young Christians who are on fire for God and what a jump start into the Christian life. Dr. Ryrie was very clever on his choice of illustrative pictures that he used to make the more complicated concepts of the Christian life more understandable by using illustrations that would not only make sense to us, but by mean more to us as they are something that we can relate too.

Balancing the Christian Life, by Dr. Charles Ryrie, is a book that I would highly recommend as this subject is something that is so crucial to the Christian life. I believe that this book would be good for me to use one day in my future ministry for...
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