Five Most Historical Events in Western Civilization

Topics: Age of Enlightenment, Napoleonic Wars, Europe Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: May 31, 2013
The Five Most Significant
Historical Events

​During this course, I have definitely learned more than I ever would have thought was a part of Western Civilization. This course has taught me so much, and learning about a lot of things that have occurred in the past, has given me so much insight on how things have been shaped for not only the present but the future.

​To me, I think five of the most significant historical events or eras was; the Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution, World War I, The French Revolution and Romanticism. I feel that all five of these historical events have had such an impact not only on Western Civilization, but the entire world.

​I feel that the Industrial Revolution was significant because it was a stepping stone into the technological era. It was a period of manufacturing methods that transitioned from hand production processes and manual labor to machine use methods. It included inventions such as; the steam engine, the cotton gin, the telephone, the light bulb and many more. Although the steam engine and the cotton gin aren’t machines that are widely used today, the telephone and the light bulb are two inventions that most people probably don’t go a day without using. The cellular phone is one of, if not the most widely used piece of technology today. People use their cell phones to do almost everything; shop, research, communicate, email, etc. The light bulb is an invention that most of us probably take for granted. Anything we do, typically there is a light on which comes from a light bulb. Without the Industrial Revolution, we still may have been living in a time of manual labor and limited knowledge of information.

​I feel that the American Revolution was important because it was the time in which the thirteen colonies broke away from the British Empire to become the United States of America. This was extremely important because without this, we (the US) may not be what it is today—the...
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