Reflection on Venediction Without Understanding

Topics: Philippines, Spain, Filipino people Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: July 6, 2011
Christine Faith G. Yap 13 June 2011

Reflection on Veneration without Understanding

If I were one of the Filipinos before, Rizal’s action would lead me to doubt him as a Filipino who really loves his country and fellowmen. A real Filipino citizen would not want to be colonized. They would want to have a country of their own that is led by one of their fellowman. I would think that since he is educated and is already one of the ilustrados, he would not care for those classes lower him because he is already living a nice and decent life. But because majority of the Filipino was not educated, they could not see what Rizal wanted for all of them. They could not see what he was planning for our country and they did not see how it could benefit all of them, including the indios. Rizal is really intellectually excellent. He did not want to be separated from Spain because he knows that we can greatly benefit being a part of the country of Spain as a province. All of the indios will not be looked down since their rank will be elevated. If Spain has given us good education and better attention, there could be no revolution or act against the Spaniards.

I admired Rizal’s intelligence. As a student who lives in this century, I can understand why our national hero did those things. He did not only think of the consequences of the action of the Filipinos but also their welfare after the proposed revolution. I strongly agree that we must be first educated on how to run a government properly so that we can appreciate what it really does before taking it from the colonizers. Taking over the government without really knowing how to run it will make the matter worse. People will be assigned to offices which does not really suit them and by that, they can be making wrong decisions that can affect the whole country. Rizal knew that Filipinos does not yet have the capacity to lead its own country. Rizal was not entirely sided with the Spaniards. He...
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