Events of the Philippine Island

Topics: Philippines, José Rizal, Philippine Revolution Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: December 7, 2012
1. Read Chapter 8 of Antonio de Morga's "Events of the Philippines Islands" with the Rizal annotation. Then take one section of Chapter 8 which talks about precolonial cultures and IN YOUR OWN WORDS, discuss its significance and use to our present-day ideas of culture, history, and identify. Jose Rizal’s annotation of Antonio Morga's "Historical Events of the Philippine’s Islands". “Rizal had a burning desire to know exactly the conditions of the Philippines when the Spaniards came ashore to the islands. His theory was the country was economically self-sufficient and prosperous.  Rizal entertained the idea that it had a lively and vigorous community enriched with the collective and sensitive art and culture of the native population. He believed the conquest of the Spaniards contributed in part to the decline of the Philippine's rich tradition and culture. In order to support this argument, he had to find out a credible account of the Philippines before and at the initial Spanish encounter.”

Because of the Spanish colonization in the Philippines, the Philippine’s culture and tradition were not in the top during the Spanish time because the Filipinos had to follow and respect the Spaniards. Rizal did something to know the condition of the Philippines when the Spaniards came to know the Islands and wants to own them and rule the Philippines tradition and culture. Because Filipinos were under the colonization of the Spaniards they have to follow them and for past few years all Filipinos should be influence for what they have thought and we should know that most of Filipinos have now are from the teachings of the Spaniards. In present Filipinos study the Philippine History since grade school until college so all students are aware of the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. A lot of Filipinos said that they were half Spanish and it’s true, there were Spanish words that Filipinos use in their daily language that they also influenced it with the Spaniards and...
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