Reflection on English

Topics: Thought, Mind, Psychology Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: April 27, 2011
This  past year has been a huge eye-opener in many ways to me.  I can't believe that my freshman year in college is almost over!  I learned a tremendous amount the last two semesters, not only in an educational way but I also learned how to manage my time and to be responsible.  It really didn't hit me that I was actually in college until my English class with Mrs. Bartram.   I noticed right away she was my kind of teacher.  I knew that I would want to be very successful and try my best in her class.  Sometimes teachers just don't have that motivation or attitude that makes their students want to learn and to try their best.  In my English class, I felt the motivation to learn.  This class really made me realize that I need to take responsibility of being a college student.  I felt we had good and helpful discussions throughout the semester.  Discussions give everyone in the class the opportunity to speak their own opinions.   This made me realize that everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs.  One of the main concepts I have learned is to never judge other people and to treat others how you would like to be treated.  

During the first semester, I showed up to class but never really gave 100%.  I didn't fell the motivation to stay on top of my work and to do my homework on time.  When I showed up in Mrs. B's English class all of that changed.  She gave a good beginning of the year speech that made me think about some stufff.  I really took in the things she said and that helped me realize a bunch of new things.  As stated above, I learned that everyone has different beliefs.  I basically used to like and agree with my beliefs and not so much about other peoples beliefs.  I now feel that I have grown out of that and I realize that everyone looks at things in their own perspective.  Especially when it comes to stuff like religion.  There is a wide range of peoples beliefs when it comes God and religion.  I learned that it's not right to judge people on there...
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