Crazy Comp One

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Crazy Comp One
Throughout this semester many things have been new experiences for the entire class. Some met new interesting people on the other hand some people learned new experiences that will be used throughout the rest of this next semester. Whether it was watching a video on the computer or reading through the Bedford book, many new techniques were learned, as well as new information being learned. Some day’s everything may have not been all together but everything still managed to work out for the entire class, or the one’s that stuck it out through “craziness” of being a new student or having a new teacher. This “craziness was definitely well worth it now that the semester is over and the new semester is approaching.

The first few weeks were focused on learning about each class mate as well as learning about different audiences for different situations. An assignment that was assigned to the class was that everyone needed to get on the internet and research about people that were affected by different horrible situations, such as drugs, alcohol, women that worked “the corner” for money and many other reasons. While looking through the pictures of each person, we were to right a short summary about a person that was interesting. One person that stood out is “Takeesha 3- is a prostitute and is a mother and she is happy with the way things are she says it is what it is” (DeShazo #10) This woman stated that she knew what she had done and was really okay with the way it was. Also, another assignment completely opposite of this assignment was “Fish Cheeks.” This is a story written by Amy Tan about a girl that is Chinese and has a crush on an American boy and is ashamed of her culture. An example is “Because she is the opposite of him and does not know what he will think of her family.” (DeShazo #1 Fish Cheeks) This girl was ashamed of her culture and soon realized after the dinner was over that her mother was trying to make things better for her by cooking...
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