Reflection for Bend It Like Beckam

Topics: Association football, Bend It Like Beckham, Mother Pages: 2 (837 words) Published: May 24, 2012
Allowing Dreams
Perspectives change from person to person, culture to culture. If things are right or wrong, it all depends on your perspective. In the movie Bend it like Beckham, by Gurinder Chanda, the main characters father, Mr. Bhamra, has the perspective that Jess playing football as an Indian, is an awful idea, though he supports her dreams, he just does not admit it due to prior experiences. When parents go through events that truly have had a negative impact on their lives, they usually do not allow their children to experience that either, only because they want the best for them. With Mr. Bhamra, that is the case. Jessica’s father once played a sport as well, but when he moved to the outskirts of London, the club would not allow him to play because he was Indian. They disregarded his ability to play completely, and just focused on the color of his skin. So when Jess’s parents caught her sneaking off to play soccer, he shared his story of what happened, he was just letting her know so her dreams would not be crushed like his was. He did not want her to experience what he went through. When her coach even came to speak with her parents, he still was stern and stuck with his original answer, “no.” Also, her mother expects Jess to be a traditional Indian wife. Plus go to college, get married, cook, clean and have children. Mr. Bhamra wants the same, but he is torn between allowing her to play, and risk her getting hurt like he did, or letting her pursue her dreams. Society does change throughout time, and it does become more accepting of races. Jess Bhamra believes it herself. The girls soccer team would not have accepted her to play on the team if things did not change. When she tries to prove to her father that it is true, he denies it. Though inside, he really truly does want her to play. In the movie, Jess’s family leaves the house, while she fakes sick so she can go off to her soccer game. Though, unexpectedly her...
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