Reflection About My First Year of College.

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Reflection about my first year of college.

After ending this first year of college I experienced a lot of things and I will remember most of them for the rest of my life. I have experienced some good things and some others that have not been that good, but probably that is part of college and being away from home. Obviously, I would like to have changed some of those, but some others I would not have changed. I am going to start talking about all the things I would like to have change. During this first year I have lived good and bad moments, but I have learnt a lot about all I lived. I would like to say that one of the things that have affected me the most is living so far from home. I am not used to live away from home and it has been a problem during the all year, especially at the beginning. I missed my family a lot, because we were so close and I missed my friends as well.

The other thing I would have change would definitely be my dorm. This year I probably lived in the worse dorm we have on Ohio. I know for fact that it is one of the oldest ones and it has not been renovated for more than a few years. First of all, the all hall smelled pretty bad. I do not know exactly what it was but it smelled old and it seemed dirty. Another part of it was the rooms. The rooms were small and badly distributed. They had one bed almost next to the other, and then they had just one desk for two people. Another bad thing about my dorm would be the bathrooms. We did not have a private bathroom, and they were pretty badly built. We only had four showers for the whole floor. It means twenty or twenty five people for four showers. The last thing I want to mention that I do not like about my dorm is about the laundry. When I first got in my dorm and I put my first laundry, I took my clothes out of the dryer and they were one or two sizes smaller than usual. After that I thought they would get smaller every time but they did not. Finally, the only thing I like about the...
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