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Eli Sample
College Writing
Sandra Ward
Personal Experience
There has been alot of things that have changed since ive been in college. Ive always been used to being at home and having my parents there to help me with my laundry or to make my food for me. Life was easy because they helped me with nearly everything and Ive never really been away from the house. Now that Im in college it is a whole differnet story.

The experince of being hours away from your house can be cool but then again after being away from your family for so long it gets really tough. Feeling like your missing stuff that goes on at your house and missing family events suck. Then again being at school is alot of fun too. You get to have a chance to live with people you've never lived with before and create bonds with people that will be life long relationships.

Being a college athlete and being away from your family and friends is tough also. Going home at night and talking to your parents and friends about the way you played and being able to sit down and relax and think about the way you played is really awesome too. Everything in college is just so much faster and no time to really relax. Theres doing homework and sleeping other than that there is always something else going on with no time to relax. When you are a college athlete you are always on the move going to practice or traveling going to games. It really is a tough lifestyle but it is worth it in the end. Having the feeling of accomplishment in the end is the best feeling in the world. If you are a true dedicated athlete you know what im talking about.

Campus life is something that I think everyone should experience in there lifetime. The feeling of being away from home and being on your own and feeling grown is pretty cool. Creating bonds with our teammates and your roommates and other friends is pretty cool too. You always had friends back home that you were really tight with and may have spent the majority...
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