Redhat Cluster Suite

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  • Published : August 29, 2011
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RedHat Cluster Suite For creation of GFS file system .

# ccs_tool create testcluster

# System-config-cluster

First we need to add nodes as given below .


We need to add the fencing device for the as given below .


Save the setup


Move the configuration to the other node .

# scp /etc/cluster/cluster.conf

/etc/cluster/cluster.conf cluster conf file looks like this .

[root@bapmail02 ~]# cat /etc/cluster/cluster.conf

[root@bapmail02 ~]#

Execute # CCS_tool lsnode

For seeing the number nodes .


# ccs_tool lsfence


You are ready to proceed with starting up the following daemons on all the nodes in the cluster, once you either copied over the configs or re ran the same commands above on the other 2 nodes /etc/init.d/cman start

/etc/init.d/rgmanager start

You can now check the status of your cluster by running the commands below... clustat
cman_tool status

Before we start to create the LVM2 volumes and Proceed to GFS2, we will need to enable clustering in LVM2. lvmconf --enable-cluster

Now it is time to create the LVM2 Volumes...
pvcreate /dev/dm-6

this is show an error force them with --ff option .
vgcreate -c y /dev/sdb

it will create clustered volume group but it will say clustered volume group isn’t supported . igmore the error .

lvcreate -n testvglvm01 -L 5G testvg

we need to create start the lv and start the clvmd daemon on both server .

/etc/init.d/clvmd start


mkfs -t -p -t ClusterName>: -j

# mkfs -t gfs2 -p lock_dlm -t testcluster:testpv -j 2 /dev/testvg/testvglvm01

# mount /dev/testvg/testvglvm01...
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