Red Stone Project

Topics: Project management, Management, Project manager Pages: 58 (12436 words) Published: February 5, 2013


Prepared for
The Red Stone Corporation

Prepared by
Andy Tran,
Megan Manning
Meghan Murray
Salwa Nsier

Wednesday 21st, November 2012

Executive Summary
Manning & Company International commissioned this report to determine Red Stone Corporation's budget and schedule deficiencies. We have developed a survey as a method to perform a gap analysis and upon further analysis, provide recommendations to eliminate the deficiencies to give Red Stone a competitive advantage among their competitors. The gap analysis was performed to analyze the responsibilities of the project managers and process they use to complete projects. Project managers completed surveys, which provided a set of data; the surveys focused on five sections such as the current company position and profile, project information, project pitfalls, team management, and human resources. Section one provided a profile of current project managers at Red Stone. Section two included project information such as budgets and methods used to measure the schedule and costs of projects. Section three has more methods and processes such as communication processes, identifying the risks, closing out processes. Section four introduces team management and the team selection process. Finally, the last section has the topic of human resources; particularly benefits and salary. Based on the analysis of these five sections, Manning & Company International determined two major themes causing overdue and over-budget projects. The first theme is the use of a huge variety of different methods and processes to conduct project management leading to ineffective use of company resources and time. The second theme relates to team development and how the lack of control in team and project selection affects motivation leading to unproductive managers and inefficient use of resources. The finds have led us to conclude to two complementary recommendations which we believe will solve Red Stone’s issues. The first recommendation is to develop a company operating manual which will include directions on what set of methods to use on which types of projects. This will allow project managers, both new and experienced, to refer to a predetermined set of processes to save time and money. The second recommendation is to create a series of broad project categories and develop permanent project teams, mostly selected by a leading project manager, in each category to specialize on their skills. This allows for efficient use of time by reducing project team selection and allows project managers to have more freedom by choosing their own team members.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary2
Purpose, Scope, and Limitations6
Sources and Methods6
Report Organization6
Section 1: Position/Company Profile7
Question 17
Question 29
Question 311
Question 513
Question 615
Section 2: Project Information17
Question 217
Question 319
Question 421
Question 623
Question 825
Section 3: Project Pitfalls27
Question 427
Question 729
Question 831
Question 1033
Question 1135
Section 4: Team Management37
Question 137
Question 239
Question 341
Question 443
Question 545
Section 5: Human Resources47
Question 147
Question 249
Question 751
Question 853
Question 955
Survey Options61
Section One61
Section Two63
Section Three68
Section Four72
Section Five74
Raw Data Tables76
Section One76
Section Two78
Section Three85
Section Four90
Section Five92
Survey Tabulation94

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