Recruitment: Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Policy

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Example Answers to Questions on Recruitment and Selection

Read more: Q1. Explain the impact of both the law and organizational procedures on the process of recruitment and selection. Recruitment is the process of location, identifying, and attracting capable applications for jobs available in an organization. Accordingly, the recruitment process comprises the following five steps: • Recruitment planning

• Strategy Development
• Searching
• Screening
• Evaluation and Control.
Recruitment Planning: - The first involved in the recruitment process is planning. Hire, planning involves to draft a comprehensive job specification for the vacant position, outline its major and minor responsibilities, the skills, experience and qualifications needed, grade and level of pay, starting date, whether temporary or permanent, and mention of special condition, if any, attached to the job to be filled. Strategy Development: - Once it is known how many with what qualification of candidates are required, the next step involved in this regard is to device a suitable strategy for recruitment the candidates in the organization. The strategic considerations to be considered may include issues like whether to prepare the required candidates themselves or hire it from outside, what type of recruitment method to be used, and what geographical area is considered, for searching the candidates, which source of recruitment to be practiced. Evaluation and control: - Given the considerable involved in the recruitment process, its evaluation and control is therefore, imperative. The costs generally incurred in a recruitment process include: • Salary of recruiters

• Cost of time spent for preparing job analysis, advertisement, etc. • Administrative expenses
• Cost of outsourcing or overtime while vacancies remain unfilled • Cost incurred in recruiting unsuitable candidates.
In view of above, it is necessary for a prudent employed to try answering certain questions like: • Whether the recruitment methods are appropriate and valid? • Whether the recruitment process followed in the organization is effective at all or not? “Getting the right person, in the right place, at the right time, is crucial. Mistakes can be expensive and damaging to the reputation and activities of individuals and the organization” The Recruitment and Selection Process has several critical points. The Recruitment and Selection Process is very sensible to the changes in the internal organization of the company and to the changes on the external job market. The whole Recruitment and Selection Process must meet several criteria: The process must be easy to understand for the target audience of the Recruitment and Selection Process. The process is not created for employees of HRM; the process is developed mainly for the managers in the organization. The managers are the most important clients of the Recruitment and Selection Process, HRM has to follow the standard defined in the Recruitment and Selection Process. HRM cannot afford to draw the nice process maps and document flows in the organization and not to follow them. When HRM does not follow the rules defined, then HRM cannot expect the managers to define such a process. HRM must be able to get a buy-in from the managers in the organization to use standards defined and to keep the process consistent. For example the graph illustrates one of the most common mistakes in the Recruitment and Selection Process. The HRM starts to fill the vacancy without a clear agreement about the profile and job content of the vacancy to be filled. This mistake takes a long time to correct and the whole cycle time of the recruitment gets too long and produces confusion among all the participants in the process. The legal instruments impacting on staff recruitment and selection. Human resources staff and any personnel...
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