Reasons Why Development May Not Follow Expected Patterns

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  • Published : June 29, 2012
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There are reasons why development may not follow expected patterns they are •Disability can effect development because if children can’t use certain parts of their body for example they may not be able to use their legs they won’t be able use a climbing frame their physical development won’t be able to develop in the expected way. The nursery or school they attend may not have the equipment needed for the child to achieve their desire to use the climbing frame. •Emotional difficulties can effect expected patterns of development because a child who is not settled into a nursery and does not have solid relationships with the adults in their life are more likely to have low self esteem and are less likely to try new activities that would help their development. •Environmental factors such as poverty and family could affect a child’s development because if they do not have much money some opportunities such as nursery will not be available. Family could also affect a child because single parents may not have the time and energy to engage and challenge their child to try new things that would help their development. •Cultural reasons for example girls in many cultures are not given the same opportunities as boys this will limit their development because they are not expected to go to school. •Social factors such as transport could result in development not following expected patterns because parents who don’t drive may have difficulties in getting their children to school regularly which could result in poor attendance so the child could miss out on key factors of their education. Home schooling could also affect children’s social development as they won’t have had many opportunities for social interaction with children their own age which could result in a social delay. •Particular learning needs may affect development because a child having difficulties with reading and writing and they are not receiving the extra help they need is likely to fall behind in...
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