Reasons for Apple Macintosh to Survive and Expand as a Business

Topics: Apple Inc., Operating system, Macintosh Pages: 4 (1448 words) Published: January 24, 2008
Since the early 1980's, when the establishment of Macintosh by the Apple company was established - mainly due to its involvement in various markets such as personal computers, and more recently; MP3 players and computer hardware and software - it has since then been known as one of the pioneers of the computer industry. With its computer products originally aimed at the market of education, home and professional creativity, Macintosh has now expanded massively across the globe as regards to their products and services. However with this in mind, and the fact that Macintosh currently dominates a worryingly small proportion of the computer industry whereas Microsoft dominates most of it; with their software compatibilities and compatible products used worldwide, it is still a relevant question – which I propose to answer within this essay – why and how have Apple/Macintosh's actions allowed them to survive as a business, even though Microsoft - the biggest multinational computer industry in the world – has been its largest competitor?

It seems relevant to have to explain the dominance and superiority of Microsoft, as it lies as Mac's biggest competitor since day one of its involvement into the computer industry. Starting of initially in 1975, Microsoft had a significant head start of 9 years into the development process of manufacturing their products. It is evident to this day that the 9 years would remain the gap that has allowed Microsoft to become one of the most successful global companies to exist in the history of mankind. However from the 9 year gap, Macintosh was given an insight on the basis of computer hardware and software processing, which has allowed it to manipulate and occupy certain markets that, without its dedication to the specialized software delivered by Macintosh, would see it to have collapsed years previous to today. The most recognizable products supplied worldwide by Microsoft is the Windows operating system, upholding generic use and...
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