Reading Reflection

Topics: Black people, Rights, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: December 15, 2011
Reading Reflection
Barbara Morales
ENG125 – Introduction to Literature
Professor Sarah Ross
December 5, 2011

What peaked my interest in this story is the title “The Welcome Table”. In essence it should be titled “The Unwelcome Table” because of its profound examples of racism, poverty, and unfair judgment and treatment; in short, man’s inhumanity to man. This short story is a prime example of hypocrisy, intolerance, and unchristian like behavior while in God’s house. An old, black woman walked from her home to an all-white church to worship and was turned away with cruel words and physical ousting by two big, burly men. This ill treatment by the “Christians” did not deter or discourage her from praising the Lord. The entire congregation was guilty of the same crime because they all felt the same way. There was no judgment or correction of each other because they all thought alike. Even the spiritual leader of the church gave a poor, unforgiving example to the congregation and they all followed suit. She was not worthy to be seen past her shabby clothing, her work worn hands, her aged body, her tattered stained clothing, her greasy scarf, and her scuffed shoes. They did not see past her external, soiled trappings to her internal childlike, unconditional love of God’s righteousness, and her right to worship him. After being thrown out of church, she continued on her way until she saw Jesus walking towards her. He looked at her lovingly and said “follow me”. This proved that Jesus is everywhere not just in church.

Alice Walker’s “The Welcome Table”, is written from an omniscient point of view because Alice Walker is not a character in the book but she did know and understand the feelings of the characters in the story (Clugston, 2010). Walker’s writing contained many examples of Similes and Metaphors. …” and he walked with sure even steps in her direction, as if he were walking on the sea”. “ the skin ashen but durable, like the bark of old...
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