Observation and Reflection

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Classroom Observation Paper
Donielle E. Howard
University of Phoenix
MAT 531: Curriculum Constructs & Assessment: History/Social Science Jackie Mangieri, MED

June 19, 2005

Observation and Reflection
My observation involved me observing a wonderful teacher that teaches music for kindergartner to 5th grade, at Forrestal Elementary School. This teacher has been teaching for over 20 years. She has experience with many kinds of lesson and how to bring out education for the students to learn and grow. The teacher I am referring is Mrs. Ferguson. Mrs. Ferguson teaches many things while using music. She teaches through integration, reading, arts, history, social science, and even diversity. She is a teacher that has many talents that helps you to relate to education while understanding it. Therefore, the observation I had the opportunity to observe was about integrating music and geography. This teacher has used this style of teaching to help the students to identify and learn their states and capitols. In her lesson she is providing the students with more knowledge about the world map and how to identify the different states. From this lesson Mrs. Ferguson was able to promote the state standards and bring out her lesson objectives. Her lesson plan objectives met the states standards of understanding the geography, the uses of maps, and other geographic tools and technologies. She utilizes music to teach the states and capitols so that the students can memorize. Now when I observed the lesson sequence she did. She had the students identify either the state or capitol while using a world map. The lesson started with her giving the students a colorful card that had the state or capitol on it. Then she led the students in a song about the sates and capitols. Next, she instruct each student to take the state or capitol that he or she has and place it on the map, when...
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