Reading Has Many Benefits

Topics: Exercise, Health, Tourism Pages: 5 (1615 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Reading has many benefits. What are they?
Most of us have been exposed to reading since we were young but not many of us have the habit of reading for leisure.
- read only because they have to study for their examinations but reading is not only limited to study materials
- fun to read storybooks, novels, magazines, comics, newspapers and any other reading material that is of interest to us
Main body
a) Reading enhances our general knowledge.
- learn about various and cultures in other parts of the world - take us on a journey to these countries without traveling
- open our eyes to the world around us and teach us about the lives of other people in other countries
- also have the opportunity to learn more about things that are o f interest to us through books
- example - interested in photography - read books and instructional guides on photography and photo-editing to improve our skills
- expose us to many things which we are not aware of
- National Geographic magazine often features strange animal behaviours and even unknown cultures in remote locations
b) Reading also trains our minds to be more imaginative.
- helps us to process new information faster and develop our ability to understand how other people think and feel
- more flexible in their thinking and are more open to new ideas - train our minds to think faster and more efficiently if we read more c) We can also improve our awareness of the current events worldwide by reading newspapers.

- knowing what is going on around us will also help us socialise with others by discussing the current issues with them
- need not solely rely to newspapers for news
- read real time news online via the Internet
- update the information on their websites every hour just to keep the readers updated with the latest events
d) Reading is important to help us improve our language proficiency. - exposing ourselves to the proper use of language
- improve our grammar and vocabulary
- enhance our understanding of word usage in different contexts - can eventually improve on our writing and speaking skills

The benefits of reading are numerous.
- a cheap activity as we can go to the library to borrow books for free - exchange books with our friends
- help us save a lot of money
- prefer to buy their books so that they can keep them in their collection - book are a source of knowledge, spending money to acquire them is not a waste, it is a form of investment
Good Health
The one thing everybody should value the most is good health. No matter how rich, intelligent and powerful a man is, he cannot be happy if his health is poor. Good health is the best wealth.
In order to keep ourselves in good health, we should eat balanced meals, maintain cleanliness, exercise regularly and keep away from unhealthy habits. What are balanced meals? Meals that contain all the essential food types are considered balanced meals. We have to drink at least eight glasses of water each day to flush out the impurities from the body's system. Also, eat each meal at the same time every day, and never miss breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Maintaining cleanliness is a must for good health. This means living in clean surroundings, wearing clean clothes and keeping our bodies clean. A person should also have enough sleep. For an average adult, an average of eight hours of sleep at night is considered sufficient to help maintain the body's good health. Sleep is very important for the body and mind. The body rejuvenates itself during sleep. If possible, go to bed early and wake up early in the morning so that one will feel fresh and energetic the next day to carry out the day's tasks.

Regular exercise is also a major factor in keeping in good health. Physical exercise increases bio circulation, whets the appetite, helps digestion and keeps away illnesses. Regular exercise is a habit that nee to be...
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