Writing and Reading Should Be Taught Together

Topics: Writing, Reading, Literature Pages: 21 (7212 words) Published: March 30, 2013
CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Context Nowadays, in University, scholars need to learn another language besides their own mother tongue. They will like to learn English language which is the second language we can learn. As a language, there are a lot of skills which we must learn, such as, reading, writing, listening and speaking. What actually reading is? Reading means the action or skill of reading written or printed matter silently or aloud. Moreover, it is also mean as the process of constructing meaning from written texts. Hence, it is not a skill that students must learn separately from other processes. Reading skill combines many complex activities include categorizing, building key terms and concepts for a subject, measuring one’s reaction to a subject, making new connections, abstracting, figuring out significance and developing arguments. In learning English Foundation subjects, there are some reasons for us to read. By reading books, we might become an interesting person. This happens because we can use information that we get from books or magazine to impress ourselves to friends or future employers. Besides, reading also can help us to learn how to write correctly. In this case, we will get good grades and also can impress our future boss who will promote us because we can express ourselves


correctly. The next reason for reading is to help us in developing our imagination to write many excellent stories. For doing some event, we also can look up a lot of funny ideas for friends to prepare something outside our expectation. If we read, we can get the information which can take us to some places that we do not know. For example, when we see newspapers write good articles about travelling places which we have never been before, we will feel interesting to take part in that travel place. There are many types of reading as a second language. The types of reading are divided into two sections, which are reading in oral and reading in silent. In silent reading, it also divided into two as extensive and intensive reading. Extensive reading has three sections which are scanning, skimming and global reading. Scanning reading means we required to use a specific piece of information. After scanning the passage, the reader will know what the items look like, knows when has located, what was the searching for. It is assumed that very little information is processed into long-term memory or even for immediate understanding because the objective is simply matching. Besides that, skimming reading has more complex task than scanning because it requires the reader to organize and remember some of the information given by the author not just to locate it. In learning the reading skill, we can use different ways to have more effective learning. We can take reading as realism which mean literature is


realistic in one way or another. This is also about the human condition that it is repository of cultural wisdom. When we started to read, we will just focus on things like plot, character, setting and also themes of the material reading. Furthermore, we can make reading as our experience to have it. It is also can help us to think the way how they manipulate experience changes from page to page, moment to moment. We might also focus on experience of particular varieties of readers such as grouped them by age, gender, race, class and place in the world. To make effective learning in reading, we can help children to select reading materials that match their passions. By asking what is interesting of them, we can choose the book which match to them and make them truly suit for their learning journeys. On top of that, we can also ask children to read aloud their reading materials because usually children are never told to be read in front of the friends or teachers. With reading to children, the most powerful thing is we have to teach the beauty of language, a little grammar and also the meaning of the text. When we read to...
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