Reaction Paper: the Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Reaction Paper: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt is Benjamin Button, a man who was born under most peculiar circumstances. when Ben was born he had all the physical attributes of an 80 year old man. Arthritis, loss of hearing, loss of eye sight, Alzheimer's, you name it and he's got it. But, unlike everybody else in the world, instead of growing older, Benjamin is growing younger, taking off a year each birthday instead of adding one. Benjamin was left on the doorstep of an elderly home in Louisiana when his father couldn't bare the sight of him. To Benjamin, being old never seemed different to him because everyone he was around him was also old. Nothing extravagant happened for Benjamin until he found the love of his life, Daisy(Blanchett), whose grandmother is a friend of Benjamin's. While Ben grows younger and everybody around him grows older Ben goes on a journey that spans different countries, different friends, lifestyles, war, and loss. Nothing compares to what he sees and the extraordinary life he lives I surprisingly liked this movie. The previews looked good but I wasn't sure if it would be one of those long boring movies that is really slow and gets nowhere and that is exactly what it wasn't. This movie was among one of the most interesting movies I have ever seen. The story of a man who lives life in reverse is something everybody has thought about. The film for me revolves about in life and time. Life that we continue living it with regrets, full of disappointments for whatever we lost and continue losing a bunch of wishful thinking. And like I always say to myself, the “Time is like a straight line when you reach twenty your twenty, when you reach thirty your thirty” there is no turning back because we always dream of having a remote control over it, where we can stop, pause, move forward, backward or play with it again. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button let us feel the importance of life and time. This film is such a wonderful...
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