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Film Review
In the movie directed by Ivan Reitman, Ghotsbusters, Bill, Dan, and Harold who are parasychologists lose there job at Colombia University because they were unable to research their discovery about their first encounter with a ghost. . From there, the three create an exterminating service called, “Ghostbusters”. Not only do they lack customers, but their funds run out from the government. Then they are later hired by Sedgwick Hotel to investigate a haunting. Once there, they capture there first ghost and from then on paranormal activities increased around New York City. The group later hired Ernie, due to their hectic schedule dealing with ghosts.

The theme of the film is that with a good support system, and belief, you can achieve anything. 1. How the three college students stuck together creating Ghostbusters 2. Had an opportunity to prove themselves at the hotel

3. People depended on them for the ghost busting
Technical element: Cinematography
The movie had good costuming, set design, and special effects.
Audiences in the 1980s were mainly interested in fun. In the movie Ghostbusters, fun was portrayed by having advertising on their commercial, calling an 800 number were the caller could leave a message on a hotline. It also had a famous line, “ Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” Ghostbusters was a very popular movie with attractive actors in the movie. This movie caught the eyes of many audience members and because of that it was the hit movie of 1984.

Movie: Ghostbusters
Theme: The theme of the film is that with a good support system, and belief, you can achieve anything. The Cinematography of the movie Ghostbusters had good costuming, set design, and special effects.

- The ghosts in the movie
- The costumes the crew had on when they would capture the ghosts - On set it looked really good with all the props they had.

Grading Rubric for Writing Project 1

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