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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Topic: Reaction about Management in our School
Being a manager is hard to do. You have to be as much as kind to all the people, treat them equally whatever is their race or status in life, and provide them with good and quality services. But I think, in the school where I am in, I cannot say that it is the best school. Yes, the facilities are lacking, the ventilation of the classroom is not good, but what I want to point at right now is the manager of the school. I don’t want to say anything that will ruin her dignity as a principal but the things that I am going to write here are all just pure observations. She is just a new principal. She do not have any units in school management yet she became a principal because the school is under a church wherein the workers who graduated education can be a principal. I am not satisfied the way she manage the school. She don’t know what to do in every activity of the school. The things that are important are left behind because she don’t give it a special attention. She don’t communicate with the teachers wherever there is lacking or something wrong in the classroom or in the school activities. She don’t take suggestions or comments as positive feedbacks but takes it as a suggestion or comment that means what she suggested or commented is not good. And what I really don’t like to her management is she takes things too personal. I know it is not easy to be a manager because you cannot please everybody. Whatever good thing you will do, there is always somebody who will mock at it. But as a teacher and a future manager, I think, it is not only important to be all knowing with the Deped Orders, the memorandums, the school’s vision and mission, the activities to be done for the school year. But what is most important is the way you deal with people. A good manager for me is the one who knows how to listen and care for her subordinates and stakeholders of the school.
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